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In The Shade

a new musical by Daniel Egger and Tom Laverack

“Writing’s a good kind of work; you can do it in the shade.”


In the Shade tells the true story of four very talented and successful writers: the novelists Jean Stafford, Elisabeth Hardwick, and Caroline Blackwood, and the poet Robert Lowell, who all three women were married to at some point. It is about overcoming tremendous obstacles - poverty, abusive and neglectful childhoods, alcoholism, and severe mental illness, to create art and live a life dedicated to language. 


The music is by Tom Laverack, a successful producer and singer-songwriter based in New York City. The lyrics and book are by Daniel Egger, who is a Professor of Data Science at Duke.  Arrangements by Milo Fryling. 


Open tryouts are on January 25th and February 1 – for more information email


Performances will be 8 pm, March 20th and 21st  at Walltown Children's Theater in Durham. 

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