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King Lear

William Shakespeare

As You Like It

William Shakespeare

Durham Fruit Company

305 S. Dillard St.

Durham, NC

March 7-9, 2019



Director: Leo Egger

Stage Manager: Rachel Emrick

Composer: Milo Fryling

Lighting Designer: Gabe Whitnack

Set Designer: Jennie Alwood

Costume Designer: Julia Haws

Head of Props: Holly Zimmerman

Head of Sound: Ethelia Holt

Cellist: Spencer Adler


Cast (In Order of Appearance)


“The Director”, Hymen: Susan Johns

Adam, Amiens: Pamela Alberda

Orlando: Zechariah Woodard

Oliver: Oliver Egger

Charles/Silvius/Forester: Ryan Hiemenz

Rosalind: Veronica Gilligan

Celia: Christina Boxberger

Touchstone: Victoria Christian

Le Beau, Lord 1, Phebe: Deva Holliman

Duke Frederick, Duke Senior: Daniel Egger

Aubrey, Lord of Duke Frederick: Dan Duffy

Corin, Attendant in Court: Cathy Emrick

Jaques De Boys, Violinist, Lord 3, Attendant in Court: Lucie Ciccone

Jaques, Attendant in Court: Stephanie Minervino

The Deer, Attendant in Court: Leila Esme

Wilma, Attendant in Court: Ariella Richman

Lord 2, Attendant in Court: Milo Fryling



Special Thanks

Mr. Donaldson, David Herskovits, Timothy Walter, Patience O’Neil, Julia Pleasants, George Labusohr, Chris Green, Helen Egger, DSA Theater, Ms. Nile, Zack Hersh, Will Johnson, Ben Sempowski, Lauren Lee, Anika Forde, and The Bryce Family.

Director Notes

“Smallness is subversive, because smallness can creep into smaller places and wreak transformation at the most vulnerable, cellular level” - Sarah Ruhl



After three very gloomy tragedies, it felt right that it was time for me to direct a comedy!


The Eno River Players have strived to create a world of childhood play, of freedom, over these past four years all over Durham with students, professors, mothers, fathers, engineers, the young, and the older. This production of As You Like It is a celebration of the unforeseen beauty created by this strange gathering of people outside of a familiar context who are made vulnerable by allowing themselves to play.


The vision for the work embraces the theatrically of the theater in order to connect our audiences more deeply with the work by freeing them from the expectation of judgment and submerging them into experiential childhood. Our collective imagination joins us more intimately with Shakespeare’s work. The Forest of Arden (and the theater itself) acts as an escape into a childhood world, where we can play pretend in the identity-fluid and often silly space born from an unspoken agreement to play along and take imaginary stakes seriously.


Indeed, I see grief in even the most joyous of finales. Before long you will leave this warehouse: streamers will fill the landfill: lights will be boxed away. We will never all be gathered here again but know that the forest will still be waiting.


 - Leo

This show is dedicated to:


Mr. Donaldson, whose mentorship and inspiring mind made me feel seen throughout high school




David Herskovits, who showed me the power of embracing artifice to reveal truth.


 RDU On Stage

"The Eno River Players, under the imaginative direction of Leo Egger, staged a delightful rendition of Shakespeare’s pastoral comedy, As You Like It"

"Egger successfully taps into the playful essence of this romantic tale that explores the vagaries of love, the emotion that prompts the complex response of giddiness and despair. He allows the actors to revel in the activities of the natural world and invited the audience to be a part of the pretense as well, offering a much-needed escape from an all too serious world."

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