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The Eno River Players is a non-profit theater organization in Durham, North Carolina dedicated to engaging our community through theater by nurturing and respecting artists from all backgrounds and giving them a voice through work that is challenging, yet accessible. It was founded in 2015 by Leo Egger when he was a freshman at Durham School of the Arts. The theater's initial budget was his Bar Mitzvah money and was used to stage a distinctive production of Hamlet. Following Hamlet, The Eno River Players have produced King Lear, a Summer Lab Production of Waiting for GodotAs You Like It, and Dead Souls. A production of a new musical, In The Shade, was cancelled during the pandemic. 

The goal through our work is to reimagine classical theater in a way that feels deeply present and freed of its precious label. Our work attempts to be provocative and help reshape our audiences expectations of classical theater, while actively stressing an intimate theater experience rather than a distant one. We champion accessibility in a literal sense; we have a no-one-excluded policy, born from an unstinting commitment that our theater, like all theater, should be for, unite, and enlighten all people. The Eno River Players are both artistically serious and open for all.  

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