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Associated Artists

Associated artists are theater artists and actors who have contributed significant time into the Eno River Players and have been, and continue to be, instrumental in our ability to create our art. Their voices and visions are representative of our values as a theater. 

Emerson Beyer - Polonius, Hamlet; King Lear, King Lear; Estrargon, Waiting for Godot

Lucie Ciccone - Bernardo, Hamlet; Gentleman, King Lear; Jaque De Boys, As You Like It

Matthew Sampson - Hamlet, Hamlet; Edmund, King Lear; Director, Waiting for Godot

Victoria Christina - Gertrude, Hamlet; Touchstone, As You Like It

Oliver Egger - Marcellus/Osric, Hamlet; Oswald, King Lear; Oliver, As You Like It

Rachel Emrick - Lights, Hamlet; Stage Manager, King Lear; Stage Manager, Waiting for Godot; Stage Manager, As You Like It

Cathy Emrick - Lights, Hamlet; Stage Manager, King Lear; Stage Manager, Waiting for Godot; Corin, As You Like It

Julia Haws - Costume Designer, King Lear; Costume Designer, Waiting for Godot; Costume Designer, As You Like It

Lorin Kaplan - Horatio, Hamlet; Edgar, King Lear

Dan Duffy - Ghost, Hamlet; Duke of Burgundy, King Lear; Aubrey, As You Like It

Daniel Egger - Claudius, Hamlet; Gloucester, King Lear; Duke Fredrick/Senior, As You Like It

Jackson Gemborys - Laertes, Hamlet; Assistant Director, Waiting for Godot

Jennie Alwood - Set Designer, Waiting for Godot; Set Designer, As You Like It

 Stephanie Minervino - Fool/Cordelia, King Lear; Jaques, As You Like It

Jeff Jones - Fight Coordinator, Hamlet; Fight Coordinator, King Lear

Milo Fryling - Duke of Albany, King Lear; Composer/Lord, As You Like It

Pamela Alberda - Kent, King Lear; Adam/Amiens, As You Like It

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