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Our Principles

Do more with less.

New audiences want meaningful experiences.

True wonder in the theater is possible.

Embrace not knowing.

Theater is most innovative and exciting when artists can make lots of work quickly and audiences can see the work cheaply. We move fast, operate frugally, and keep prices low. Our model allows us to take risks and present a wide range of material.

We offer intimate live events that respect the audience’s  time, sophistication, and desire for authenticity. We want to reaffirm the need for theater in our world—not through superficial reference to issues of the moment, but through sincere representations of the universally human.

At its best, theater recreates the childhood spirit of make-believe. We offer glimpses of a psychological and emotional world that only theater can access. Works that reach for this world are more likely to resonate and endure than those that do not. To this end, we make theater that is expressly imaginative and theatrical.

Our theater is a home for artists to push themselves, take risks, and do hard things, and for audiences to be surprised, challenged, and moved. We make no assumptions about what can take place in the theater. Collaborators and audiences alike should leave the theater with more questions than answers.

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