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Due to the current Coronavirus Pandemic, we have decided to postpone In The Shade until further notice. We thank you for your understanding and send you good wishes in this strange time. 

“Writing’s a good kind of work; you can do it in the shade.”


In the Shade tells the true story of four very talented and successful writers: the novelists Jean Stafford, Elisabeth Hardwick, and Caroline Blackwood, and the poet Robert Lowell, who all three women were married to at some point. It is about overcoming tremendous obstacles - poverty, abusive and neglectful childhoods, alcoholism, and severe mental illness, to create art and live a life dedicated to language. 


The music is by Tom Laverack, a successful producer and singer-songwriter based in New York City. The lyrics and book are by Daniel Egger, who is a Professor of Data Science at Duke.  Arrangements by Milo Fryling. 


Featuring Emma Scaggs, Sam Henry, Annabel Swansey, Luigi Trojani, Veronica Gilligan, Lauren Ragsdale, and Danielle Koppel.


Current Season

The Eno River Players is a non-profit theater organization in Durham, North Carolina dedicated to engaging our community through theater by nurturing and respecting artists from all backgrounds and giving them a voice through work that is challenging, yet accessible. The goal through our work is to reimagine classical theater in a way that feels deeply present and freed of its precious label. We strongly believe in the power of collaboration in our process and the strength of celebrating art together. Our work attempts to be provocative and help reshape our audiences expectations of classical theater, while actively stressing an intimate theater experience rather than a distant one. We champion accessibility in a literal sense; we have a no-one-excluded policy, born from an unstinting commitment that our theater, like all theater, should be for, unite, and enlighten all people. The Eno River Players are both artistically serious and open for all.  Ultimately, to truthfully understand our mission as an organization come see the work we do or even better be a part of it.

Profits from our productions are donated to local charities that support the Durham community.

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